Web Hosting

We can code from scratch or integrate popular content management systems (CMS) into your website.

Training Included

After installing and testing your website, No Simpler provides video tutorials so that you can learn how to manage and update your website yourself. We can also provide online or face-to-face training if this is needed.

Responsive Across Devices

No Simpler websites are designed using the latest architectures and technologies, which ensures that your website will work on any device, be it mobile phone, tablet or PC, without you having to do anything extra.

SSL Included

All No Simpler websites are secured with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), giving users a htps:// prefix and a padlock in the address bar. This prevents hackers and other attackers from accessing the website and downloading personal information such as names, addresses, passwords and credit card details. SSL certificates also reassure visitors that their details are safe as well as providing a small boost in search engine rankings.

UK Datacentres

Our datacentre is based, owned and operated in the UK. To help your business remain GDPR compliant, all data is stored securely in the UK and never leaves.

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

We guarantee 99.9% guaranteed uptime. Any downtime – normally for backups or upgrades – is scheduled for between 2 and 3am UK time.

All WordPress-based websites are software monitored, with No Simpler being alerted immediately if there is any downtime.