Twitter and Social Networking

All Web2.0 tools need to have a certain 'critical mass' before they start to become useful - for example, YouTube is only interesting once a good number of people have uploaded some videos. With Twitter (and other social networking tools) I think you have to reach critical mass in two different ways: Critical Mass of … Continue reading Twitter and Social Networking

Awesome Free Maths Software

I could write a very long blog about free mathematics software, but don't really need to as someone else has done it for me a couple of years ago: Antonio Cangiano omits my personal favourite - Geogebra. In my view, this is one of the best pieces of mathematical software around. It's great for … Continue reading Awesome Free Maths Software

A Vision of (Our) Students Today

I saw this on YouTube some time ago... Though this may be from the US, I feel that many of the issues presented are also relevant for us. I'm particularly interested in the lack of engagement/empowerment by students suggested by the video - students sitting in classes Facebooking etc. To me this almost … Continue reading A Vision of (Our) Students Today

Teachers and Technicians

EDUCAUSE ( always seems an interesting read. Though based in the US, and mainly focussed on the US, it encourages contributions from around the world, including developing countries. As a non-profit org. all of its publications are available online for free but this has not stopped it gaining a good name in the e-learning field … Continue reading Teachers and Technicians