No Simpler helps organisations grow online communities.

We work with schools and universities to develop web-based learning environments and educational technology solutions that support teachers so that they can better support students. Our focus is on teaching, learning and assessment, not technology for the sake of it.

We work with organisations and businesses to develop multi-faceted digital experiences for their members, clients or customers. Our websites do not stand as islands – they work symbiotically with social media channels, online communities and environments.

We work “As Simple as Possible, but No Simpler“. We will not bamboozle you with tech, or charge you for services that are often available for little or no cost. We work with you to develop affordable solutions, often using open-source software, that will be sustainable and effective long-term.

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Stephen J Wilkinson

Stephen J Wilkinson is the lead consultant for No Simpler. He supports organisations improve their online presence by working with them to revitalise their website and use of social media, and develop their use of online teaching and learning.

Stephen has been working in education for 30 years. He has always championed the use of new technologies for teaching and learning – even contributing to the IT non-statutory guidance for the original National Curriculum (DFE, 1989) in his very first year working as a teacher. He has taught in secondary schools, in alternative provision and at universities, and has worked as an Education Technology consultant in the UK and overseas. Stephen has extensive experience as a senior leader in Higher Education and in secondary schools, providing him with valuable insight of the pressures facing the education sector, and the needs of the “21st Century Learner”.

Stephen created his first website in 1995, and in 1999 started to support schools develop their own websites and online learning communities, as part of his role leading the ICT strand of the Guyana Education Access Project.

From 2003, Stephen worked as a researcher for a project evaluating the use of technology in classrooms. This research informed his consultancy work, supporting schools and universities developing their use of edtech and web-based teaching and learning.

Stephen was an early-adopter of Moodle, leading the development of new learning platforms for Leeds SCITT, Leeds Trinity University and several secondary schools in Leeds UK from 2004. He continues to use Moodle on a daily basis, and support organisations with their adoption of the platform, and e-portfolio software such as Mahara. This supports his ongoing research into the use of new technologies for online learning communities, particularly in developing countries.

From 2009, Stephen started to work with other consultants and small businesses to help them develop websites and build successful social media profiles, using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Etomite to create sustainable solutions that clients can learn to update and manage themselves.

In 2017, Stephen started No Simpler, so that he could share his expertise more widely. He currently supports schools, Higher Education and businesses – in the UK and in the Caribbean.

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